Proud Jamaican Gary Officer Joins the African American Credit Union Hall of Fame

ATLANTA, Georgia - It was a significant day in the history of the credit union movement as the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) Board announced the induction of veteran Credit Unionist, philanthropist, and political strategist, Gary Officer, into the esteemed African American Credit Union Hall of Fame.

grayoffNew Inductee to the African American Credit Union Hall of Fame, Mr. Gary Officer, delivers an address at the organization’s Hall of Fame Induction award Ceremony, held at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort in Stone Mountain, on Monday the 17th of July 2023.This recognition is testament to Officer's unwavering dedication to the credit union movement. More than that, it pays homage to his invaluable role as a living reservoir of the history of African Americans in the credit union movement.

In endorsing Mr. Officer's nomination, the AACUC Board of Directors keenly acknowledged that his remarkable contributions to the credit union movement far exceed the benchmark for entry into the organization's respected Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame was established by the AACUC as a means to commemorate the enduring contributions of African Americans and others who have shaped the growth of the credit union movement.

Gary Officer, an individual of Jamaican lineage, is widely recognized for his integral role in fostering the growth and development of the AACUC. In recent years, the AACUC has emerged as a significant industry powerhouse, thanks in no small part to Officer's insightful guidance and leadership, in moving the Community Investment fund from the $18 million where he found it, to the $370 million to which it had ballooned by the time he departed the Foundation.

From its humble beginnings over two decades ago, Officer has steered the AACUC on a path of growth, inspired by the increasing awareness of corporate America's historical shortcomings in building a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. His foresight saw the AACUC adopt the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) long before these terms permeated everyday discourse.

During his captivating keynote address, Officer shared a deeply personal narrative of his journey. He paid heartfelt tribute to the pioneers of the AACUC, interweaving the lessons learned from their past to offer insight and direction for future leadership.

Officer spoke of the adversity faced by past African American leaders in the credit union industry, who navigated through an era of limited representation. Despite

growing up in segregated communities and being educated in underfunded school districts, they dared to dream, worked relentlessly, and achieved success.

Adding to the grandeur of the annual black tie Hall of Fame gala, held at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort in Stone Mountain, Gary Officer stood out as one of the nation's foremost social entrepreneurs, philanthropist, and political strategist.

His childhood years with his twin brother, living with their grandparents in rural Jamaica, coupled with his education at the University of Manchester and the London School of Economics, have undeniably shaped his worldview and professional accomplishments.

“This early period in my life influenced that man I became. Jamaica informed me of my purpose and my drive,” Officer declared.

Officer has made waves not only in the credit union movement but also within the spheres of Affordable Housing Real Estate development, and Workforce Development sectors throughout his career.

Within the Washington DC community, Officer is the political strategist and advisor for aspiring candidates and federal lawmakers. Yet, his love for Jamaica and the communities that nurtured him remains at the core of his work, inspiring a drive that continues to make a difference as he strives “to provide leadership to those who have yet to grasp a future they have yet to see.”