Yotuel Shocked the Audience at the IX Summit of the Americas by Singing “Patria y Vida” Along With a Gospel Choir

Miami, Florida - The singer, composer, actor and model Yotuel, attended the ninth Summit of the Americas representing his people, to ask for the freedom of Cuba. The event takes place from June 6th to the 10th in the city of Los Angeles, California.

YOtuMOSinger, composer, actor, and model YotuelThe Summit of the Americas is recognized for bringing together the leaders of each country to discuss diplomatic, economic, and trade issues, based on shared respect for democracy, and the motto of this ninth edition focuses on "Building a sustainable, resilient, and equitable"

Charged with emotions, Yotuel made a speech in front of the representatives of Latin America and social actors, crying out for the freedom of his country and exposing children as the most affected by the Cuban dictatorship for more than 63 years. Yotuel also held a meeting with the Secretary of State Antony Blinken to express his concerns.

Yotuel asked for help for his people in Cuba. “It is the longest dictatorship in the history of Latin America. My people already took the streets last year and the response was repression, in front of the world’s eyes, they launched weapons against an unarmed society, and the images speak for themselves " Yotuel said, referring to the series of protests that took place in July of 2021 by Cubans, claiming for freedom and a better life.

The other topic discussed on Yotuel’s speech was the release of Maykel Osorbo, a rap singer, who has been in prison since May 2021 for participating in the song "Patria y Vida" , a powerful song composed by Beatriz Luengo, Yotuel, Descemer Bueno, El Funky, Gente de Zona, Yandam González and Maykel Osorbo; Winner of two Latin Grammys in the categories "Song of the Year" and "Best Urban Song", also known for becoming an emblem for the protests on the island.

Maykel Osorbo, like Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, an artist and activist known for his public actions denouncing the Cuban government's actions, have just faced an undeserved trial that will have a resolution in the next 30 days. Without the right of a decent defense, both are accused for exercising their freedom of expression using their passion and talents. Yotuel spoke about them and also about the almost 1,200 political prisoners, unjustly incarcerated just for thinking differently.

Yotuel ended the speech with a video of Maykel Osorbo's daughter that touched everybody’s hearts, “Gentlemen of the Summit, I speak to you from Cuba, my father is in prison for just singing a song. Please help me free my father, I miss him so much." The girl expressed.

After broadcasting the video, Yotuel ended his presentation by interpreting the theme “Patria y Vida”, accompanied by a gospel choir and filling all those attending the Summit with emotion. The singer-songwriter wishes for his proposals to be approved, and this way brings hope of freedom to his beloved people of Cuba.