The Rebellion Must Not be Stifled. Shurwayne Steps up for The People.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad (ET-CET-ERA The Company) - There was no major strategy in that which unfolds in the world of Soca on this day, Boxing Day. The only goal had been to help the people. Trinidad and Tobago, the home of the carnival festival the world anticipates annually, is under duress. Halted by a pandemic that has all but totally crippled the entertainment industry, Carnival 2022’s true status is still unknown, but in true Trinbagonian style, a major player in the world of Soca says the rebellion will not be stifled. ‘Look Trouble Again!’ 

shuwayShurwayne Winchester today delivers a proper fetter’s anthem. His song, ‘Look Trouble Again’ or LTA as it is referred to, has been screaming for freedom, he says. “This track was set for release on three separate occasions and each time, it was held back,” he explained, saying that the song is a rebellious statement that expresses, in its truest way, the essence of Trinidad and Tobago’s people.  

Shurwayne says the song had been sitting there since T&T’s initial lockdown, waiting for the perfect time for release. Together with US Virgin Islands based music producer, Kevre ‘Maestro’ Hendricks, the idea for the single, he explained, was bred from a desire to help the people who’d been stuck in a rut, yearning to de-stress, amid a pandemic the likes of which, no one, the world over had ever experienced. “Music has always been a tool to help people de-stress. Human beings were not meant to be stuck indoors and inactive as much as we’ve been during this time. Looking on as the world came to a grinding stop, I felt that we had to be ready for that moment the opportunity presented itself, to give people that tool that could ultimately help them when they needed it most,” said Shurwayne.  

Today, a song that Shurwayne says, took him into the soul of veteran entertainer, Leroy Calliste- the Black Stalin, is unleashed. “The spirit of his delivery flows throughout this particular release. There’s a freedom in who we are as a people and like Stalin did time and time again with his music, I saw the assignment here, and I know the people will feel it when they hear it.” Again, much like the music delivered by the Black Stalin- a true icon that Shurwayne says he celebrates and is grateful for, this new song is built from the ground up with live instruments. “The brass, the horn line scream freedom. When you listen to it, you actually feel like, ‘oh yes! The gates are now open!’” said Shurwayne.  

Trinidad and Tobago’s borders now open and beach lovers granted limited access following a lifted State of Emergency, Shurwayne is optimistic. He however maintains that even as an entertainer, he must still be a responsible citizen. ‘Look Trouble Again’ is respectfully rebellious, since the track’s lyrics do not defy present day measures aimed at keeping the population safe. “There’s something about Boxing Day. There’s an energy that calls for the big Soca sound and the strong festival energy. That’s something no Trinbagonian should be denied and as an artist I have a responsibility to give my people the music to respectfully express themselves,” said the two-time Road March champion.   

‘Look Trouble Again’ is available on all popular streaming platforms, including Apple Music, for purchase and download.