Caribbean Carnival Spectacle Goes on Without Massive Parade

NEW YORK, New York – The Brooklyn-based West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA), says while the annual West Indian American Day Carnival Parade on Labour Day, September 6, has been postponed until 2022, activities will go ahead even though the main activity is being cancelled for the second consecutive year due to the coronavirus (COVID019) pandemic.

GibbsTrinidadian Michelle Gibbs, WIADA chair, addresses press conference (CMC Photo)It said that the five-day extravaganza will still be held under the theme, “Rebirth: Future Now,” from Thursday with the sold-out “Vibes w/Voicey Concert Tour.”

WIADCA said a number of cultural partners have been working with the association “to bring the pageantry of carnival differently to the masses.

“While our beloved New York Carnival Parade is postponed until 2022, we have several events scheduled that feature musical ambassadors from around the Caribbean (Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica) and more,” WIADCA said, urging patrons “to join us in the ‘Big Yard’ (Brooklyn Museum) – safe, lots of vibes and easy to get to”.

WIADCA Chair, Trinidadian Michelle Gibbs told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) “we are planning for our future now by leading with our youth as our focal point, and our community members and partners as our foundation.

“As North America’s oldest Caribbean cultural institution, contributor to the city’s economic stability and growth, we produce several year-round community programs for youth, adults and seniors,” she added.

Gibbs said the annual signature events, featuring several cultural and musical ambassadors, are set to take place live during New York’s Caribbean Carnival Week at the Brooklyn Museum.

She said several guidelines have been put in place regarding COVID protocols for planned events.

“I would like to thank all our elected official from the city and state for your continued support. We could not have done this without you.”

On Friday, WIADCA features “Welcome Back! New York Carnival 2021”, a Caribbean music fest featuring artists and music from the Diaspora, including Iwer George and Blaxx from Trinidad,  Linky First – Mr. “Rock and Come In” from Jamaica and Guyanese Adrian Dutchin & Dem Guyanese Boyz.

Saturday features the Virtual International Youth Fest 2021, an end of summer Caribbean talent showcase and on Monday WIADCA said “the ultimate New York Carnival day experience, ‘Jus like Mas’,will be held.

“Get your costumes or Monday wear ready and join us at Brooklyn Museum in Di Big Yard,” WIADCA added.