Jamaican Student’s Invention Offers Hope in Fight Against COVID-19

An invention by a Jamaican college student could prove effective in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

stewardRayvon Stewart, who attends the University of Technology on the Caribbean island, created XERMOSOL, which reportedly kills certain bacteria using ultraviolet light technology.

COVID-19, which can be transmitted by touching surfaces like doorknobs, which are contaminated by the virus. COVID-19 can also be transmitted through the air. It causes respiratory illness, which sometimes leads to death.

Coronavirus reportedly can live for days on stainless steel and metal, and survive for hours on fabric.

According to Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland, laboratory tests have validated the effectiveness of XERMOSOL to kill 99.9 percent of deadly pathogens.

“The potential impact of Rayvon’s invention could now be even more important than when he first conceived it, as the world battles the frightening COVID-19 pandemic,” Scotland was quoted as saying recently.

Tests have also shown XERMOSOL destroys organisms such as MRSA and E coli, and destroys viral cells such as influenza virus H1N1, she added.