Supreme Foods Worldwide ™ Launches #BlackHistoryBlackOwned Campaign Highlighting Social Entrepreneurship

Black-owned businesses have been hit substantially harder by the pandemic than companies overall, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Less access to capital, including federal PPP loans, and funding gaps that existed prior to the pandemic, are a few of the causes for the demographic disparities. Supreme Foods Worldwide ™is a black-owned, family-owned Atlanta-based franchise corporation providing entrepreneurial opportunities for those interested in quick-service restaurant concepts. Certified as an ACDBE, Supreme Foods Worldwide ™has two prominent quick-serve brands: Supreme Burger and Supreme Fish Delight with over 11 franchise locations and counting. In the midst of serving communities that were hit the hardest, Supreme Foods Worldwide ™ has committed to providing jobs and food security to meet their surrounding community’s basic needs. Since the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Supreme has served more than 15,000 meals per week to underserved youth and seniors in the Atlanta area. The Supreme Foods Worldwide ™ team continues their work of community restoration and promoting Black ownership with the launch of its #BlackHistoryBlackOwned campaign, a 365 day campaign highlighting the importance of Black ownership as a means of creating generational wealth, building legacy, and closing the wealth gap. For more information visit

wdeedfam“When we look at building wealth for black households or black communities, business ownership is a key strategy,” states Waleed Shamsid-Deen, President & CEO of Supreme Foods Worldwide, which was born out of a desire to serve quality food at affordable prices while layering in economic capacity.

Supreme Foods Worldwide was started by his father, Lawrence Shamsid-Deen, in 1980, who was one of the first black owned franchisors in America. Supreme Fish Delight is known for its southern style lightly breaded fish & fries, homemade bean pies, and famous “Fish Supreme” sandwiches on whole wheat bread! Supreme was the official partner for the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta and most recently the Supreme Burger brand partnered with the 2019 Super Bowl during the official Tailgating Experience providing over 5,000 greek lamb burgers.

The founders went a step further and added a social component, creating home delivered meal services for children and seniors in underserved populations through the creation of The Supreme Family Foundation in 1998.

“Empowerment is easier, when the basic needs of our community are met. Therefore, we have added food security for senior citizens and youth as our mission and we encourage consumers to take a closer look at where they spend their dollars to directly help in impacting the achievement gap for businesses that strengthen underserved communities, “ states Quiana M. Shamsid-Deen, Executive Director of The Supreme Family Foundation.

To restore and expand the current financial landscape, investing and supporting black businesses is critical in building the economy that reflects America’s promise. Individual recovery is contingent upon how much we collectively live by the principle of being “all in this together.” As real as our interconnectedness is in health, so too are we linked economically. Investing in Black businesses to sustain black ownership will continue to help solve problems in education, transportation, housing, criminal justice, costal restoration, and other fields that show racial disparities. Supreme Foods Worldwide ™ continues to make history as a black-owned, quick - serve franchise aggressively scaling to international territories and massively creating jobs in a time where unemployment has reached an all time high. To learn more about about the #BlackHistoryBlackOwned campaign visit or joining the conversation on social media @SupremeFoods # BlackHistoryBlackOwned.