A Year After Breaking New Ground With its Internet TV Network, UniVistaTV Spurs Growth of Spanish-Language Audience in and Outside the US

MIAMI– Eclipsing the impact of traditional TV networks, UniVistaTV celebrates its 1-year anniversary by having 130 million views and a reach of nearly 500 million people, the company announced Wednesday.

Ivan Herrera, CEO of UniVistaTV-parent UniVista Insurance, had a vision to innovate the broadcast industry with a strategy that included positioning UnivistaTV’s “El Show de Carlucho” as the foundation of a partnership with the Spanish Broadcasting System-owned MegaTV in the US and Puerto Rico.

The geographic make-up of viewers points to a groundbreaking achievement, with UniVistaTV reaching 1.164 million people in the US mainland. UniVistaTV also reaches a combined audience of 1.8 million Worldwide. Utilizing the Internet and the social media platforms, the reach of the programming also extends to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America including Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina as well as European countries like Spain, Italy and Germany. The network also has an average of 356,000 daily views and an average daily reach of 1.3 million on UnivistaTV’s YouTube and Facebook platforms.

UniVistaTV also led the charge to support the community by incorporating the company’s charitable giving into the programming. On air, UniVista gave away turkeys for Thanksgiving, made it possible for a girl from Cuba to be treated and cured for a medical condition in the US, provided a van to the family of a boy with Muscular Dystrophy, provided backpacks to children and wheelchairs to those who couldn’t afford them.

“My vision for UniVistaTV was always to use our growing reach to make it possible for our employees and partners to take care of their families and to create a platform to elevate the quality of life for our community,” said Ivan Herrera, CEO of UniVista Insurance. “We at the UniVista family are blessed to have the support of the community in our efforts to raise the bar on what a private company can do to improve lives through our products, services and innovation. And, we are confident in saying this is only the start.”

“The support we have received at UniVistaTV is a reflection of the love we have for the community,” said Jose Carlucho. “We continue working hard to create content for our people and by our people. Providing entertainment is the greatest honor we will receive in our lives. All the actors and myself feel indebted to the community and will continue contributing in any way we can.”

The platform will continue expanding its programming with two new shows that will debut in the next few days and more to come in the near future.

“We thank our advertisers for seeing the same value that we see in supporting our community and growing the bond we share,” Carlucho said. “They have given us the freedom to make the best, most innovative programming.”