5 Tips For Working at Home

#5. Dress for success: 

Even if you are working from the kitchen table for now, don't hang out in your pajamas. Dress as though you are going into the office. I even recommend going out the front or back door of your home and re-enter your new place of work.

#4. Have a dedicated place to work: 

When you are "at work" let your family know it's the same as if you were at the office or out on the road. It is even better if there is a door to your place of work that you can close behind you. It's symbolic but helps establish a pattern of work.

#3. Reverse it: 

When you leave that dedicated place to work, dedicate your time to your family. Give them all of you once you leave that place of work in your home.

#2. Take breaks: 

take breaks just as you would at work. For lunch, leave your place of work in your home and join your family for lunch.

#1. Regular schedule: 

Try and keep your regular schedule as if you were going into the office. It will help you create as much normalcy as possible.