Jamaica to Start Using 658 Area Code

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) says it is now using the additional 658 area code for new telephone numbers.

CALoursAccording to the regulator, the new code was recently made available to telecommunications service providers, which will begin distribution when necessary.

Once providers have maxed out 876 telephone numbers, persons will begin to be assigned with the 658 area code.

According to the OUR, the recent assignment became necessary as the country has run out of telephone numbers issued under the 876 area code.

In a statement, the OUR reminded business operators, advertisers and others to ensure that the 10-digit format is used in the publishing and displaying of all local mobile and landline numbers using the correct area code for each number.

Persons are also urged to adjust the way they record or store phone numbers to make it clear which area code is applicable to their telephone numbers.