Electric Vehicle Policy to Come Into Effect in Jamaica at the End of June

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Electric Mobility Policy will come into effect by the end of June paving the way for persons to import vehicles into the island.

eLEccarAn electric car. (Photo source Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay)Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Daryl Vaz said Cabinet recently signed off on the policy.

He said that the requisite infrastructure to accommodate the vehicles is in place, as the private sector has established charging stations in several sections of the island.

“What was important, was to give incentives for persons to purchase electric vehicles, which are much more expensive than regular vehicles, and we will have a concession rate of 10 percent,” Vaz said.

He said no vehicles older than three years old will be allowed into the island, to prevent Jamaica from becoming a dumping ground for older vehicles.

Speaking at the launch of Road Safety Month under the theme ‘Safe Roads Together with Safe Vehicles Help to Keep Our Children Safe’, Vaz added that indiscipline on the roads must be treated as a national emergency, noting that “no society can prosper” with drivers operating without due regard for the traffic rules and the lives of others.

“The Government is doing what it can, legislatively, to facilitate safer use of our roads,” the Minister said, adding that the necessary equipment and technologies will be procured as part of measures to address the problem.