Felicia J. Persaud

Felicia J. Persaud

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A lot has been written about Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for the Nov. 2020 presidential elections - from the fact that she is the first black woman ever selected for the post, to the fact that she is a daughter of first-generation immigrants from India and the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

They are fondly referred to as “Dreamers”, the young immigrants brought into the United States by their parents and who, after much lobbying, were able to obtain temporary legal immigration status under the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Like many, it was horrifying to watch the life of another black man – George Floyd - squeezed out of his body – literally – by a member of “America’s Finest”. And in a pandemic no less!

As of May 21, 96,228 people living in theUnited States haddied from COVID-19.

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