Quotable Caribbean

“This decision (to cancel Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2021) I know would have serious economic knock-on effects, things that we would lose in terms of the economy but by the same token, we can’t hope to gain on that swing and die on the merry-go-round.” - Dr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago

krowleDr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago“We are very optimistic and hopeful that we can see this (preflight testing) now become a global standard. And this is necessary in order for us to regain confidence of the general consumer traveling, and it’s that confidence that will now allow tourism, in a post-COVID era, to regain its footing.” - Allen Chastanet, Prime Minister, St. Lucia

"As tourism-generated dollars circulate from visitor spending and employee earnings, they in turn support the grocery stores, petrol stations, banks, insurance companies, and public services that help to build and maintain roads, utilities, sanitation facilities, health clinics, police and fire securities, and other infrastructure which is so essential to rural development.” - Patricia Affonso-Dass, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

“Medical technology will be the next frontier to flourish. We as a company envisaged this path years ago and invested in research and development, so we are well-positioned for the post-COVID medical-technology revolution, which has now been fast-tracked like a horse released early from its stables and is careening very quickly to what may be a new norm.” – Shomari Scott, Director, Business Development, Health City Cayman Islands (Cayman Compass) 

“We’re confident the Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program and Gold Standard Seal of Approval will allow travelers and the tourism industry to operate safely as COVID-19 restrictions are eased. While visitors will need to adhere to our ‘new normal’ entry requirements and safety protocols, their experience will remain authentic to Belize’s adventurous spirit.” - Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism, Belize Tourism Board

“The ability and talent are there, we have some fantastic players in the West Indies, and it will be my duty and focus to help the women to develop their talents and achieve the goals we are going to be setting together.” – Courtney Walsh, West Indies Cricket Legend, and newly appointed Head Coach of the West Indies women’s team

“George Grant was one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport of tennis in Barbados, and he has left a legacy that will transcend generations. He was instrumental in getting me into tennis and he was the driving force behind my personal and professional development. To his friends and family, rest assured I will do my utmost to share his incredible purpose and passion with the next generation.” - Lionel Eli, Barbadian-Canadian Professional Tennis Coach