Among the many delicious Jamaican dishes is the nutritious - and tasty – steamed fish and okra.

There’s an easy-to-make Caribbean drink called the painkiller, which is popular in the British Virgin Islands. Here’s the recipe:

MIAMI BEACH, Fl. — Television star and restaurateur Peter Thomas’ new Miami Beach restaurant Bar ONE Miami Beach has opened Peter’s Patio for customers. It’s perfect for our current COVID-19 conditions.  Peter’s Patio, which is a part of Bar ONE, is a 7,000 square foot patio with panoramic waterfront dining, including VIP cabanas on the luxurious Biscayne Bay marina, music, and a giant television screen so guests can enjoy sports and entertainment. The lush, soulful, and chic patio design adheres to safety standards to protect customers and restaurant crew during COVID-19. 

Several Caribbean recipes date back to slavery. One fruit that was brought to the region, and then became adopted by slaves, is the breadfruit, which today is served in many forms.

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