Caught on Camera in Northwest Miami-Dade, Owner of Dump Truck Hit With Hefty Fines

Author  James Richards

MIAMI —A dump truck driver was caught on hidden camera illegally dumping in the C-9 Basin of northwestern Miami-Dade County. And the truck’s owner was hit with fines totaling $5,500.

A Waste Enforcement Officer (WEO) assigned to the Miami-Dade County Department of Solid Waste Management’s (DSWM) Special Investigations Unit (SIU) reviewed video taken on a camera hidden near the site of the alleged illegal dumping. Although the truck’s tag was not visible, a company name on the truck’s door was indeed visible.

The WEO contacted the company’s owner. After investigation, the WEO was not able to determine which driver was responsible for the illegal dumping of roofing materials. The company’s owner was held responsible for the act and was given two citations of $2,500 each for the illegal dumping, plus an additional $500 citation for hauling waste without a permit.

In addition, the company was held responsible for cleaning up the illegally dumped roofing debris and disposing of it properly.

“This was an expensive lesson that illegal dumping will not be tolerated, here, in Miami-Dade County,” said DSWM Director Michael Fernandez. “If you are caught you will be fined, and you may even go to jail. I want to also acknowledge our Code Enforcement Division for doing such a phenomenal job with this investigation. Not only did we hold the violator accountable with the issuance of fines, but we also made them clean up the area using their own manpower. At the end, all of this could have been avoided with simply disposing of the debris appropriately.”

Video and still photos of the incident and the clean-up can be found online.

The DSWM reminds would-be violators that illegal dumping is a crime in Miami-Dade County and anyone caught doing it is subject to a fine, vehicle seizure and even possible arrest and incarceration.

Miami-Dade residents who witness an illegal dumping incident in progress should call 911. Never confront someone who is dumping. Instead, try to get the vehicle license plate number or at least a description of the vehicle used to commit the crime.

If an instance of illegal dumping has already happened, call 311.

Illegal dumping can also be reported using the MDC Solid Waste mobile application for Apple iPhone and Android smartphone users. It’s available for download free of charge in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

For more on illegal dumping, visit the DSWM website at