October 2019 — This month, youth climate advocates came together around the world to highlight the global climate emergency, and Miami Beach listened. The city declared its own climate emergency in response and vowed to prioritize climate change on its agenda.

MIAMI – FIU was awarded a $3 million grant to investigate how corals are responding to climate change at the molecular level from the National Science Foundation’s Understanding the Rules of Life (URoL): Epigenetics program.

MIAMI-DADE – The Board of County Commissioners on Oct. 3 passed a suite of new policies – spearheaded by Commissioner Levine Cava – aimed at tackling the mounting threats to our community’s clean water. 

UNITED NATIONS – Caribbean community (CARICOM) leaders have warned the international community that the “the clock is ticking” as the impact of climate change continues to severely affect their countries.

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