Tractors, jets, space shuttles... all come from engineers. And where do engineers come from? Babies, of course!

Caretakers who are looking to start the year off with some positivity and open-mindedness should take a look at these three titles for pre-readers ages 0-3. Each cover features a figure with arms wide open, ready to embrace the new year and the new book enthusiast. 

One would imagine that, having grown up with a Welsh mother (Cymru am byth!), I would be all about The Royals. That I would at least care about the royals. And yet.... However! These three recently published royals-related books (two YA and one adult with serious crossover potential) have me trying on fascinators and practicing my curtsy.

TORONTO, Canada - A Caribbean-born immigrant and first-time novelist is the 2019 winner of Canada’s top literary honor, the Scotiabank Giller Prize.

"Your books must be printed on scar tissue," a librarian once told editor Dick Jackson, as he proudly recalled during his keynote at the Cooperative Children's Book Center in Madison, Wis., in 1995.

Our annual Children's/YA gift issue is always a ton of fun to put together. With only the one broad criterion, we get to highlight books that will excite, inspire, make readers laugh, make readers cry. Yet more fun: I get to use this space to call out a few extra gift titles for children and teens.

Our annual food issue always presents the problem of choice. So many fabulous cookbooks, so little room. Below we have 15 reviews, and here we offer six review lets, because we love cookbooks.

Several authors with Caribbean roots will be among those celebrated at the “Linked in Action Book and Author Luncheon” this month in South Florida.

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