It's that time of year: construction time. Roads, bridges, sidewalks.... Whether watching from a stroller or as they walk by themselves, children are about to see a whole bunch of orange reflective material and big machines. Below are some board books that may give them some insight into what they're observing.

More a visual history than textual, We Were Never Intended to be Citizens tells the story of the Black American experience through images, some iconic, that have come to define a race of people. This little book delivers bite-sized lessons simple enough for youngsters to digest yet accessible to adults. The photos paint vivid pictures of the struggles blacks in America have been facing for hundreds of years, and the triumphs and successes many have attained in spite of racial and social barriers.

What better way to celebrate 7/7 than with a list of seven seven-themed titles?

The British Book Awards gave their top prizes to Black authors for the first time in their 30-year history, the Guardian reports.

WHAT: This summer, the battle of all battles goes LIVE!  The Children’s Trust and all the Miami-Dade Grade Level Reading Partners are looking to crown the next Great Book Warrior.   In an effort to combat summer learning loss, the Summer Battle of the Books hosted by the Miami-Dade Grade Level Reading Campaign and The Children’s Trust encourages both camp teams and individual K-5th grade children and families to join the launch party and download their free preselected eBooks by grade level from the (MDPLS) library, read the books and try the free suggested activities throughout the summer.  Then gather again on July 9th for the virtual field trip which includes the Battle of theBooksfeaturing college and professional athletes, coaches, dancers, Young Talent Big Dreams (YTBD) performers, read-aloud books, and interactive activities.

Right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the advice that I am getting over and over is to "stay home" and "calm the f&*k down." First one: Done. Second one: I would if I knew how.

Independent booksellers across the country have chosen A Burning by Megha Majumdar (Knopf) as their number-one pick for the June 2020 Indie Next List. A Burning, Majumdar's debut novel, follows three characters in contemporary India who each have different dreams: Jivan wants to rise to the middle class, PT Sir chases political power as his country barrels toward right-wing extremism, and Lovely seeks fame. After Jivan is accused of being connected to a recent terrorist attack, their loosely connected lives become intertwined in ways they never could have imagined, and all three must decide what it means to be complicit.

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