COCONUT CREEK, Fla. –  As many states across this country are taking steps to slowly re-open, our neighbors in the Caribbean and Latin America are on the brink of disaster as they struggle with coronavirus and with the ability to feed their most vulnerable.

Woodson isn’t shy about criticizing those he sees as a out of touch with the low-income communities they claim to speak for.

“Some people say that millennials don’t read. And that’s not true. They do read,” said Dr. Chavis. “They’re looking for in-depth analysis, in-depth information.”

When LaQuinn Phillips was accused of dousing his pregnant girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire in 2018, he had a difficult time finding a lawyer. When he was acquitted after an eight-day trial, he and his family screamed for joy so loudly that a judge threatened them with contempt of court.

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