Fort Lauderdale, Fla.— A nonprofit organization in South Florida is on a mission to elevate the profile of Caribbean art, history and culture throughout the tri-county area and the broader diaspora. The team behind Island Society for the Promotion of Artistic and Cultural Education (Island SPACE) has spent several years demonstrating their commitment to cultural and creative excellence. Their catalog of work includes Taste the Islands TV show, Pieces of Jamaica photo exhibition and coffee table book, the annual Taste the Islands Experience event series, and the 2019 - 2020 Caribbean Culinary Museum tour. Under the nonprofit, the museum concept has evolved into a full-scale Caribbean museum of history, tentatively named the Island Archives, now the nonprofit's flagship project.

Nothing can ever deny Paul Chen-Young his pride of place in the annals of Jamaican history, he was a pioneer extraordinaire, economist and entrepreneur who possessed unmatched drive and energy.

*Junior’s itinerary, for his first extended return to Jamaica since moving to the United States early 2019, was booked solid.

Garfield Haughton had big plans for his 50th birthday.

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