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Cayman Referees improved and very busy


Beverly Melbourne

The Cayman Islands Referees have been very busy resulting from their outstanding improvement placing second behind Jamaica out of sixteen countries in the region.

Referees Nolan Foster Kenville Holder and Assistant Referee Swason Owen just returned from the Netherland Antilles/Bonaire where they exhibited their duties while representing the Cayman Islands Referees Association (CIRA) at the highest level.

All three officials departed the island on November 5 after completing a compacted participation in the FIFA Referees Assistant Program administrated by FIFA Referee Development Officer Ramesh Ramdhan and FIFA Referee Technical Instructor.

Both FIFA officers praised CIRA for the tremendous improvement made by the Cayman Islands Referees in all areas pointing out how well they did in the theory and the practical as well.

Peter Prendergast said “It’s a pleasant surprise to see how well these officials did the sprints; I commend them for this caliber of performance and recommend that they continue on this same track training hard as maintaining their fitness level is of great importance. There were twelve passes and eleven went over the pass limit resulting in a 74% pass rate way above our expectation in comparison with the other islands.”

“Global uniformity is what this is geared at; it is clear that hard work was being done in the Cayman Islands.  I am very impressed with the improvement and I have recognized that the work done here has pushed the Cayman Islands to be considered as one of the best countries in the region.  It is obvious that the participation of the MA Instructors in the Futuro 111 has borne fruit to this RAP course.

“I will be back in a year time and I expect to see more improvement. Nolan Foster is doing a great job and he needs all the support he can get from the members to maintain this standard.”

Ramesh Ramdan FIFA Development office in his comments on the course said, “The Cayman Islands have shown that effective input and hard work by the MA and the instructors can results in massive improvement in the standard of officiating. The need to increase the referee population exists and discussions were held with respect to ways of increasing the amount of referees in the country. We await the results of these efforts while the existing group of referees continues to do the best they can given the demands.”

“The structure to support programmes for development of referees is in place, however urgent attention and action is required to increase the number of younger referees currently registered with the MA, also the number of female referees and assistant referees. The current referees must be encouraged to continue working on their knowledge and application of the LOG. Practical training sessions and more use of the teaching for training must be encouraged.”

CIRA is planning to have one more recruitment drive to find more men, women and youth referees before the end of the year to strengthen the group so as to deal with the growth in teams fielded by affiliated clubs of the CIFA as the association continues to develop football on the island.

For more information on the CIFA or CIRA matters please contact the CIFA office at 949-5775, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or log on to www.caymanactive.com/cifa