Longest Living Belizean: Ms. Mary Tate of Belize Turns 104

Ms. Mary Tate celebrated her 104th birthday at Help Age Belize on February 8, 2018. She is from Honduras but has been living in Belize since the 1980s. She put all her grandchildren through school at Holy Redeemer by making bread and potato pound, says her granddaughter, Lorna Fisher (above). She celebrated her birthday with Fisher, other grandchildren and extended family. She has been living at the Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly for 6 years. According to her Fisher, Ms. Tate is extremely protective of her grandchildren. Ms. Tate's only son passed away many years ago. According to Fisher, Ms. Tate loves dancing and singing. According to Bernard Adolphus, Chairman of the Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly, Ms. Tate is "well-spoken," "vibrant and funny at times."