South Florida PBS Presents…Major League Cuban, An Homage To The Special Relationship Between Cubans, Baseball And The Major Leagues

Author:  Jeneissy Azcuy
Miami-Florida- South Florida PBS announces the premiere of Major League Cuban, a film by Joe Cardona and Ralf Gonzalez on March 7th at 8 PM on WPBT2 and on March 14th at 8 PM on WXEL. Major League Cuban, an 80-minute co-production of South Florida PBS and Royal Palm Films, depicts the love affair between Cubans and baseball, integral to Cuban history and deeply rooted in Cuban and Cuban-American culture.

The film reveals how baseball is a way of life for Cubans on and off of the island and the cultural link that transcends politics, religion and race. "This film traces the close relation between baseball and Cuban history. Baseball wasn't imposed on Cubans by the U.S.; it was adopted by Cubans, who in turn, made it their own," Joe Cardona, co-director, producer of the film and three time Emmy winner.

Major League Cuban also brings to light the significant impact Cubans have had in Major League Baseball as the island represented an important backdrop for the development of major leaguers and provided a competitive venue where American major and negro league players of yesteryear such as Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Josh Gibson and Oscar Charleston could go and play the game.

“South Florida PBS is very proud of this co-production because it has an historic, cultural and human value about a subject that is of great importance to the Cuban community. During our long-standing relationship with the South Florida community, we have always sought to be an independent resource for life-long learning and a trusted provider of content.

We feel that Major League Cuban accomplishes this lofty goal,” Dolores Sukhdeo, CEO of South Florida PBS. Just like baseball, Major League Cuban covers all the bases, from the issue of racism to how the political landscape of Cuba has evolved and its impact on the game both in and out of Cuba. At the heart and soul, baseball is the game that brings Cubans and Americans, home. Ralf Gonzalez, Emmy winning co-director sums it up, "Major League Cuban is about Cuban traditions. Even if you're not a baseball nut, Cuban baseball has touched you in one way or another. It is part of our (Cuban) DNA.”