St. Lucia's PM concerned about corruption allegations

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Kenny Anthony
–Prime  Minister Kenny Anthony says he is concerned about allegations of corruption being leveled at his St Lucia Labour Party administration.

The allegations intensified in the run-up to this week's Castries Central by-election, which was won by independent candidate Richard Frederick.

Dr. Anthony told a news conference Mar. 15 that he would be carefully scrutinizing various comments made with regard to official corruption.

"I am very concerned about the continuous allegations of corruption against the Labour Party administration. I am going to scrutinize very carefully the allegations made during the by-election campaign on this matter.

"Those accusations concern me very deeply because I have always said and maintain that people's character, honesty and integrity should not be impugned and those of us who find those statements unacceptable knowwhat to do," Prime Minister Anthony said.

He admitted that while the issue was not one that loomed very large during the by-election campaign, having come mainly from the platform ofFrederick, he nonetheless remains "very deeply concerned."

"I recall Frederick's comments that when he gets into power he will see to it that we go to jail; of course we look forward to see how he is going to achieve that," the Prime Minister said.

During the by-election campaign Frederick often made reference to the disappearance of millions of dollars from the state-funded National Conservation Authority (NCA) for which an official investigation headed by a close aide of the governing party found no one culpable.

Frederick promised to have the matter properly investigated should he secure the reigns of power.