This Caribbean Government Is Getting Back Into The Business Of Love Motels

Author:  NAN Travel Editor
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 7, 2017: At least one Caribbean government wants to get into the business of love motels.

havanaCuban authorities in Havana say they are restoring a network of state-run “posadas” or love motels, according to BBC reports. The motels, according to Cuban officials, are aimed at ending the practice of love-making in Havana’s open spaces.

Couples making love are a common sight in Havana’s parks, on the beach and on the famed Malecon seafront.

Rooms with air-conditioning, a refrigerator and a comfortable bed will be rented for about $5 for three hours.

State housing officials at the Provincial Housing Company of Havana say the new network of five posadas will be highly lucrative and will help people struggling with Havana’s overcrowded and scarce housing.

But critics point out that the motel rates will be around a sixth of the average monthly Cuban salary (£22.90; $29.60) and unaffordable for most people.