Hundreds Targeted to Live Healthier Through Physical Activity and Healthy Diets

Author:  Latoya Laylor Brown
Move for Health: Acting Health Promotion and Education Officer at the Manchester Health Department, Mrs. Shereen Williamson-Reid (right) engages an elderly resident of Mandeville during a march to commemorate Move for Health Day on Friday, May 26 in the town of Mandeville.

health 1The event was staged to encourage individuals to engage in physical activity, reduce the intake of salty and processed foods, fats and oils, sugary foods and drinks and avoid smoking and alcohol use, in an effort to tackle the impact of non-communicable diseases.

health 2Take Charge of Your Health: A section of the group which marched through the town of Mandeville distributing hundreds of flyers and sharing messages on the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity.

The march was part of the commemoration of Move for Health Day by the Manchester Health Department in an effort to encourage persons to practice healthier lifestyles through healthy diets and physical activity in order to reduce or eliminate the risks of non-communicable diseases.

health 3Participants in the march make a stop in the town of Mandeville to show persons simple physical activities which they can make a part of their daily activities.