Stuart Concedes After Landslide Defeat, Bows Out of Electoral Politics

Fruendel Stuart has accepted “full responsibility” for his party’s general elections defeat in Barbados and announced his retirement from electoral politics.

Stuart pointsThe former prime minister, 66, made his declaration on election night May 24 after his Democratic Labour Party suffered a landslide defeat to the Barbados Labour Party led by Mia Mottley.

“Let me unhesitatingly and unequivocally and frankly accept full responsibility for the defeat of the Democratic Labour Party in the election and let me assure all the party members that we govern in very challenging circumstances no previous government in Barbados has had to govern in circumstances quite like the circumstances that we have had to govern,” Stuart said in a concession speech.

Stuart, who entered elective politics in 1994, said that the elections would have been his last regardless of the results and that he would assist the party as it moves to name a replacement for him.


Speaking at the party’s headquarters, Stuart said his administration “did the best we could according to our likeness and according to our judgement over the very difficult and challenging decade in which we had to administer the affairs of Barbados.”

He acknowledged the government had to take some “tough and sometimes unpalatable decisions “but he remained confident that “in the fullness of time the wisdom of our actions be vindicated.

“As far as the Democratic Labour Party is concerned, I think we have to when the dust has settled reflect on what has happened, try to determine why it has happened and take what corrective steps we deem necessary to ensure we start that process of necessary rebuilding and I am confident we have the human resources in this party to do it,” Stuart added.