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Haiti's Minister of the Interior Launches First International Coffee Summit to Identify Best Practices in the Development and Promotion of Haitian Coffee

Haiti was once a major global supplier of coffee and now, the Government of Haiti and its partners are determined to help the industry regain the luster of years past. The outlook is positive.

According to a recently-published article in The Miami Herald, beans from the Gwo Chwal region once sold for US$.30 a pound. Now, Japanese roasters are buying these quality beans for US$5.50. In addition, Cafe COCANO farmers from Port-de-Paix are expecting to double the exports of their organically-grown coffee, already selling on the Internet and in Italian espresso shops.

Prime Minister Stuart will review the troops.

StuartIf you are in Barbados…

If you happen to be in Barbados later this month and would like to experience events around the time of Independence Day, Nov. 30, here are some choices:

• National Independence Service

The annual Independence interdenominational service this year, with its theme “Resolving our Challenges as a Family and Achieving as a Nation”, will be held at 4 p.m. Nov. 27 at Independence Square. 

Antigua celebrates 30th Independence with calls for unity, reform

Spencer Baldwin

PULLOUT QUOTE: “We do not have to suffer the same fate as the thorn bird. As a government, we have devised a program to arrest the challenges brought on by the crisis. We have seen positive progress. However, total success requires the input of each and every citizen and resident of our nation” – Spencer

Antigua and Barbuda celebrated its 30th year of political Independence from Britain on Nov. 1 with a public holiday, the traditional military parade and a call for national unity from Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer.

Lisa Skriloff, Veteran multicultural marketing expertCaribbean tourism marketers should include the powerful Hispanic-American community and the wider multicultural market segment when promoting the allure of the region to North American audiences.

Lisa Skriloff, a veteran multicultural marketing expert, and CBS News Associate Producer Ivette Davila-Richards of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), made the call in New York while preparing to address the 20th edition of the Caribbean Media Exchange slated for December 1 to 5, 2011 in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI).