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"From the beginning, we knew that Copa (Airlines) had positioned its flights into Nassau in such a way that it allowed for connections from throughout South and Central America. The airline certainly is delivering as it promised. But this is not Easy Street for us. There are some things we need to do and some improvements we ought to make to ensure that we sustain this business and even advance it." - David Johnson, Director General of Tourism, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (thebahamasweekly.com)
"Air transport has an integral role to play in the development of the integration movement. One Caribbean airline that leverages the resources and expertise in most of our countries, coupled with a combination of successful, home-grown policies, is in my opinion, still the best model for air transport success in this region. Ironically and noteworthy is the fact that most of the endeavours and practices for which we as a region have received global acclaim and for which we are renowned for global excellence are the efforts that we have undertaken collectively. West Indies cricket and UWI are just two that I can mention. I believe that one, true Caribbean airline awaits our early action." - Noel Lynch, Former Minister of Tourism, Barbados (Barbados Nation)
In the wake of Bruce Golding’s shock announcement late last month that he is stepping down as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party and prime minister of Jamaica, several JLP members are said to be jockeying for position to succeed him.

      Based on information coming out of Jamaica, the list reportedly includes the following, although more names could surface in the coming weeks:
Outgoing Prime Minister Bruce Golding admitted he had lost the confidence of Jamaicans to run the country and breached the Jamaican constitution in the scandal surrounding his handling of the extradition of the convicted drug lord and gang leader Christopher “Dudus” Coke. “It was never about Coke’s guilt or innocence,” Golding told Jamaicans in an eight-and-a-half minute national broadcast on Oct. 2. “It was about a breach of our constitution and had it been a person other than Coke it perhaps would never have become the cause celebre that it had turned out to be.”
A public inquiry revealed that information gleaned from wiretapping Coke’s interceptions were  used in Coke’s extradition. In his speech, Golding appeared to pivot his resignation on the legality of the action.
LE GOSIER, Guadeloupe (September 29, 2011) - Guadeloupe will host the 20th Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) conference and exhibition which opens this Sunday, October 2 in the resort town of Gosier.
Representatives from more than 45 countries will descend on the French Caribbean island department from October 2 to 7 to participate in CWWA's annual meeting as well as the 10th "The Water Days" in Guadeloupe to be jointly held at the new Gosier Sports Centre.