Felicia J. Persaud

Felicia J. Persaud

Donald Trump’s $30B ransom

To many Dreamers, whose lives are in limbo and who may be going through unimaginable stress at the thought of what Mar. 5 will mean for them, the mention by Donald Trump of a path to citizenship for some 1.8 million may seem like a lifeline.

The Lies That Blind Some

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 9, 2018: On Tuesday night, Jan. 30, 2018, after enduring what was an aggravating and painful SOTU, I tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel, hoping to lighten my mood with his Stormy Daniels interview.

‘HYPOCRITE-IN-CHIEF’: Trump’s ramps up anti-immigrant push

MIAMI, Florida - On Friday night, Dec. 8, 2017, I listened to the United States’ Hypocrite-In-Chief Donald J. Trump rile up his minnows in Pensacola, Florida with his favorite topic – immigrants.

New Year Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Donald, I’m going to start the New Year by asking you a simple question in the words of famous Caribbean comedian Majah Hye: “Are You Dumb?”

This Christmas, Spare A Thought For An Immigrant Detainee

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Dec. 22, 2017: Either I am getting older and wiser or the rapid expansion of technology has made narcissism and ingratitude more obvious. Almost everywhere I turn these days, self-absorption and lack of appreciation is hitting me in the nose like a bad stench. So my Christmas challenge to all this year is to spare a thought for an immigrant detainee and their family, every time you are tempted to complain about how hard your life is and how much of a hellish day you are having.

The Hypocrisy Of Donald Trump Knows No End

MIAMI, FL, Fri. Dec. 15, 2017: On Friday night, Dec. 8, 2017, I listened to the US’ Hypocrite-In-Chief, Donald J. Trump, rile up his minnows in Pensacola, FL with his favorite topic – immigrants.

This Year’s Heroes – Immigration And Civil Rights Lawyers!

MIAMI, FL, Fri. Dec. 1, 2017: CNN’s annual show, ‘CNN Heroes,’ should look no further this year than the many immigration and civil rights lawyers within the borders of this country.

Black And White: The Hypocrisy Of Donald Trump

MIAMI, Florida - The Oxford dictionary defines “terror” as “extreme fear, dread, horror, fear and trembling, fright, alarm, panic.” All of the above undoubtedly described the range of the emotions felt by the victims of yet another gun massacre in the United States – the Texas shooting of Nov. 5, 2017 – as well as the relatives, friends and most Americans who have to now pick up the pieces of their lives and hearts.
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