Felicia J. Persaud

Felicia J. Persaud

The writer is CMO at Hard Beat Communications, Inc. which owns the brands: NewsAmericasNow, Carib PRWire and InvestCaribbeanNow.

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Like many, it was horrifying to watch the life of another black man – George Floyd - squeezed out of his body – literally – by a member of “America’s Finest”. And in a pandemic no less!

As of May 21, 96,228 people living in theUnited States haddied from COVID-19.

Census Day 2020 came and went this year without a lot of fanfare as it was upstaged by the dreaded new coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading death and mayhem across the globe.

On Jan. 31, the same day the administration of United States President Donald Trump issued a proclamation on National African American History Month 2020, which partly stated: “our great Nation is strengthened and enriched by citizens of every race, religion, color, and creed,” the administration also brazenly issued a travel ban on various nationals from several African and predominantly Muslim countries.

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