The US Coronavirus Pandemic or The US Economy

Author  Roger Caldwell

America is at a breaking point, and many critical issues and problems must be addressed with integrity, knowledge, and transparency. It is easy to put our heads in the sand and tell America, that mainstream media is the fake news and they are lying. But it will take courage, truth, and knowledge to improve and change the trajectory of America in 2020.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that May’s unemployment rate rose to 14.5% up from April’s 13.8%; and things are going in the wrong direction. This unemployment rate of 14.5% is the highest in four decades, and Covid-19 cases and deaths are surging all over the country. The new numbers of infected cases are over 2. 2 million and the number of deaths are over 120,000.

There is still no National coordinated uniformed system in the country executed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) – with leading epidemiologists, pathologists, medical examiners and Doctors. With new outbreaks in 15 to 20 states, there is a need for a strategy and plan.

The President and many of the Governors are focused on opening up their states. The numbers exponentially keep rising with Covid-19 cases, and no one appears to care. In this new normal, many of our federal leaders are following President Trump, and it is a prerequisite for chaos, confusions, lies, and failure.

Poverty is increasing and many American families are wondering where their next meal is coming from, and how they will pay their rent or mortgage next month. The pandemic has destroyed the food supply chain, and there has been a collapse in the job market. There is no work, no pay, and in the next few months things will continue to deteriorate.

There is a depression in America, and the president keeps telling the citizens that the coronavirus will be over soon. President Trump refuses to listen to his experts, and his job approval numbers continue to get worse.

On Saturday evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6-20-2020, the president held a live campaign rally against the recommendations of his campaign leadership team, and the CDC. The rally started with 6 members of his advance campaign team getting infected with covid-19. The president and his campaign team expected to have 50,000 core supporters to converge on the city, and the event center would be filled to capacity.

But something went wrong, and the event center that holds over 19,000 was less than half full with only 6,500 seats filled. This was extremely disappointing to President Trump and his campaign team, because Trump loves to brag about all his supporters that comes to his filled to capacity rallies.

There are many different reasons that President Trump can use, why the arena was not filled. He can use the Covid-19, Black Lives Matter protests, or the fake news. But it was a bad week for the president, and he expected this campaign rally was set to prove to America that he could fill a 19,000 seat arena in the middle of covid-19 pandemic. But something is changing in America with the death of George Floyd, and maybe many are tired of the president’s lies.

As Coronavirus record numbers continue to increase all around the country, and governors will be forced to take action and shutdown their economies. The president can continue to run from the truth, and governors can continue to undercount the virus, but bad numbers are still bad.

The coronavirus is the truth, and it does not matter what our leaders want. When you have an event with over 6,000 people close to each other, with no mask, the virus smiles, and gets busy. Hundreds of people are inflected, and in 14 days there is another outbreak or hot spot.

The American economy must be put on the back burner, until Covid-19 is under control. In the last pandemic 650,000 Americans died, how many will die this time?