Widespread Use of Masks Prevent the Transmission of Covid-19

Author  Roger Caldwell

Sometimes things in America are simple and easy.

There is a worldwide pandemic in June 2020, and it is important that everyone is aware that you can be infected with the coronavirus and possibly die. America is the leading country in the world, in terms of the most infections, and the most people dying. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have created guidelines and policies, which should be followed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In order to open back the country and economy, the numbers of infections should be decreasing, and the country’s leaders should be following the guidelines. Instead of following the guidelines, the president and his administration, and many of the governors in the different states are not following the guidelines. Since the guidelines are not being followed, the numbers are increasing and spiking exponentially.

With no coordinated federal plan in the country, in the last month 20 states are experiencing record breaking coronavirus increases, and the healthcare systems in certain locations are reaching capacity. Many companies are being forced to shut down because of major out breaks, and there are over 2 million people infected with the virus, and over 116,000 have died.    

As America continues to lead the world in infections and deaths, it is time for our health experts, WHO, and the CDC to sound the alarm. They must use the media, our leaders, politicians, and community leaders to tell the truth. The virus is going in the wrong direction, and it is time to stop the opening in certain states in the country.

The Covid-19 has America standing on the edge of chaos, and without coordinated action, the country could have a major catastrophe. There is a price to health and freedom, and the new normal will be built around change.

“In places such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, which have had relative success so far in containing Covid-19, the public and its leaders understand this reality from the start of the outbreak. The fact that several countries that have made the most progress in containing the coronavirus also have robust mask traditions,” explains journalist Uri Friedman-of the Atlantic.

 America has no comprehensive government containment strategies for the Covid-19, it appears that President Trump and his administration is not serious about stopping the virus. There appears to be a negative stigmatization of mask wearing, and it starts with our president. Since the president refuses to wear a mask, Americans get a mixed message, and it appears not to be important.

In Asian countries with the coronavirus, wearing a mask is part of your civic duty. There is social pressure when a person in the society does not wear a mask, and there is scientific evidence, that it controls the spread of the virus.

From the reporter Petrina Greenwich of the Conversation, there are two major reasons why a mask should be worn. “People wear them to protect the respiratory tract from pollution and infection, and to prevent the spread of any pathogens they might be carrying,” says Petrina Greenwich.

Wearing a mask must start from the top, it is simple and easy to do. Our President should lead by example. It is a simple strategy that will help contain the virus, and Americans will see it as something important. Everyone can start with their family by explaining to the members why it is important when they are in the public to wear a mask.

Freedom is not free, to eradicate the coronavirus everyone in the country must work together to win the covid-19 battle. Let’s start with something small, that everyone can do, and it is simple. Free masks should be given by the government, to everyone that needs one. Wear your mask….