Count the Ways Black Folks are Dying in the Age of Covid-19

Author  Roger Caldwell

There are very few statistics in America on how many Black people have died as a result of the coronavirus. There is a high chance everyone knows someone who has died. Everyone is walking around with a broken heart, and dying will become a part of living during the pandemic epidemic. Everything that is bad comes to Blacks first in disproportional numbers. Our healthcare outcomes are the worst in the country, which is no surprise. In addition to all of that, recently more police and white men are using Black people as target practice.

There has been a rash of killing of Black men and women, in the last few months, and police have killed us as if they were going to a lynching. In the majority of these incidents the primary person was a Black men or boy who was unarmed, and killed with a large number of rounds of bullets.

In Attorney Ben Crump’s book entitled “Open Season,” he explains how the justice system is killing Black people in and out of court. With a bullet or a lengthy prison sentence, America is killing Black people and justifying it legally. The justice system has legalized genocide against Black people in America.

“Police shooting and killing Black males is all but a centuries-old American tradition among law-enforcement in the US. But the fact that this apparent rite of passage is still thriving in 2020 and only seems to be gaining momentum and not slowing, should give any American citizen pause as an increasing number of Black people – especially males both young and old – continue to be added to a growing list of victims with what seems like a new shooting every week,” says the staff at News One.

Black mothers know at birth that their male sons are branded as a suspect by the system. In the last three years, Black males killed by the police have been ignored by the mainstream media as if things were changing, but Black people know the truth. Actually there were more Black males being killed and News One has documented in the last 2 years, 80 Black males who have died by the police.

In Georgia, recently a young Black man 25 years old Ahmaud Arbery was jogging on Feb. 23, and a former police officer and his son allegedly followed and tracked down the jogger, and shot and killed him. This story received national and international coverage, and now more police killing are starting to surface around the country in the last two months.

In Indianapolis Sean Reed was shot and killed. In Kentucky Breonna Taylor, a Black woman was shot and killed in her apartment early in the morning. In Houston Adrian Medearis was shot and killed, and there appears to be a new one every 2 or 3 times a week. In North Carolina a deputy was fired after leading an armed vigilante mob to target the wrong Black teen’s home. This happened around 10:30 at night, and the local police were called and stopped the invasion.

Armed White Nationals groups have decided that they are taking the law into their own hands, and they are preparing for a war. With President Donald Trump supporting violence, and expecting more Americans to die as a result of the coronavirus, Black people are first on the list.

“Once again our community is being subjected to an intentional and diabolical disregard of Black lives. As soon as it became clear that Blacks people are disproportionately dying from this pandemic, states have begun to ease their mandatory safety precautions at the behest of armed protestors. It seems now that our country is no longer all in this together,” says Derrick Johnson – President/CEO NAACP.

The NAACP has put together a new movement for Black people entitled, - “We ARE DONE DYING.” We must do better as a community and a people, and it must start by us deciding that we are done dying.