Unsung Essential Workers

Author  Hortencia Owens

To:  Whom it may concern

Hortencia 1Everyone is talking about our ESSENTIAL WORKERS, which seems to be the buzzword.

Social Isolation -Time to ponder. COVID-19.

As I sit here watching the news, unable to control my heightened anxiety, and feeling the emotion of rising disappointment.   Why, you ask???…….

The buzz word, ESSENTIAL WORKERS.  Tribute and honor are being paid to our Heroes and Sherous, (Doctors and Nurses).  Well-deserved I must add.

However, where are the tribute and honor (parades, handclapping, candle lighting, songs, for our environmental employees, i.e. housekeepers, custodians.

Who empties the trash cans, and sanitizes the bed, where a dead body was just removed, YES, our housekeeping staff.  They need to be honored as well.

I am not forgetting in this written commentary, the Walmart employees, the bankers, the sanitation workers etc.  However, my main focus is on the HOSPITAL housekeeping staff.

I have been a nurse since 1986, now retired, having worked closely with these employees. I witness how hard they work, first hand.   I have never had to empty a trash can; I placed a call to get it done. 

I am, therefore, asking you to take a moment, and write letters to the CEO, COO Managers, of these companies and let them know the importance of showing honor to these employees as well, show them how much they are appreciated.   To mention them generally in the context of the ESSENTIAL WORKERS, is not enough.  Be specific.

I would like to see these employees walk down the hallways and receive honors and hand claps.

Now that I vented, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my discontent

Respectfully submitted,

Hortencia Owens –Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.