Better to Let off Steam Than Bottling it up, Succumbing to the Pressure


Anger is a part of the human psyche and whether it’s good or bad is the subject of research.

CJan“Cartoon-Jan. 2020” Some may say that it’s better to express rage and let it all out rather than keep it all bottled up and suffer a stroke or heart attack.

There are some people who are angry all the time. When you look at their faces, all that you see is misery, contention, discord and damnation. Never will you see them crack a smile, as their anger keeps the in a constant state of flux.

For lovers of comics and movies you may be familiar with The Incredible Hulk, the large green superhero who is blessed with awesome strength, but only when he gets angry and is transformed from an ordinary man into the powerful beast. But at least the Hulk has his time of peacefulness, and it’s only when he gets riled up and mad that the raging beast in him rises to the surface and turns him into a monster, The Incredible Hulk.


Some people are like the Hulk, all it takes is a trigger to tick them off. Maybe this perennial anger stems from persons being unloved when they were children or from unrequited love, and they just can’t get over it.

Some people actually go to bed angry and wake up angry the next morning, without even giving thanks for a new day. For some reason, this anger is a constant in their lives and they carry it around like a millstone around their necks. It weighs them down and keeps them rooted to one emotional spot permanently.

Even toddlers will exhibit anger, which is termed a tantrum. But should adults exhibit this type of immature behavior?

Displaying anger is a sign of immaturity and lack of self control. Even so, for some persons it’s a way of life, a natural characteristic as their bouts of anger will come and go, rise and fall. They care not of the consequences.


But anger can be dangerous and unforgiving, for it lets people do things that they wouldn’t normally do. With anger, the words can be the cause of much hurt and regret. Someone who is drunk will say and do things that they wouldn’t normally do. A person who is angry falls into the same category.

Anger can be equated to drunkenness, and just like in the state of inebriation, an angry person can get violent. And yet, there are some persons who are slow to anger, slow burners who have long fuses and will take a long time to blow their top. Contrast them to those who are quick to anger.

“I’m mad as hell and not taking it anymore.”

Maybe getting mad is the right thing to do, instead of holding it in and then exploding inside. Perhaps it’s better to vent and let off steam rather than bottling it up and succumbing to the pressure.

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