Mayor Wayne Messam has Declared a State of Emergency for Miramar, Florida

In response to the projected arrival of Hurricane Dorian, I signed a declaration that initiates a State of Emergency for the City of Miramar. I urge all Miramar residents to begin your hurricane preparedness immediately and in order to assist you and your families, I have provided links below to the City's Official Hurricane Preparedness Guide Miramar Hurricane, City of Miramar - Notify Me Emergency Notification System and my Social Media Accounts for the latest in advisories. 

wayneAs in any storm, do know your First Responders are ready and our LEED Gold Certified and State-of-the-Art Emergency Operating Center is equipped to respond to emergencies and to keep the city functioning in the event of a significant weather event. 

We have endured storms in the past and I know the Spirit of Miramar will rise again no matter what path Dorian May take. Check on your neighbors, especially our seniors, to make sure they are okay. We are a family and together we can do anything. 

My thoughts and prayers are with all residents and our fellow Floridians who now stand in the path of Hurricane Dorian. 

In Service,

Mayor Wayne Messam