Carib Comments

Author  Compiled from various sources.

“We’re doing very well in tourism at this particular time. And the travel advisory which we interpret (should be) one to inform one’s citizens to be aware of problems as opposed to initiate fear” - Dr. Hubert Minnis, prime minister of The Bahamas, says United States President Donald Trump has promised to “look into”  controversial travel advisories issued by his country and affecting several Caribbean destinations.

Minnis 01“The narrative provided by the E.U. Council to support the inclusion of the blacklisted States is grossly misleading and misrepresents the response, in good faith, of our Members since the initial listing in December 2017”- the Caribbean community (CARICOM) is not happy with the European Union, as it has blacklisted some member states within the regional body.







Runcie “What I have witnessed and experienced over the past several months, and most of the past year, is an enormous amount of misinformation, spin, and intent to essentially, sometimes even create chaotic situations relative to the district and undermine what we try to do” - Just over a year after the devastating shooting at a South Florida high school, Caribbean American Broward County Superintendent Robert W. Runcie laments misconceptions which hamper the heali







Skerritt“In this business, we have learnt that if the message resonates with individuals, even those individuals who may have what you call a mandate, and if they feel strongly enough about an issue they will actually go against the mandate” - Ricky Skerritt explains one reason behind his election as president of Cricket West Indies last month, defeating incumbent Dave Cameron.







Barrow Dean 2016“So we are once again forced to eat injustice and perform the usual contortions to satisfy a new set of unconscionable dictates”– Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow is not happy with the decision of the European Union to place his country on a new list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions.








“When I think that the revolution occurred some forty years ago … I am reminded that the Grenada revolution was, by and large, a uniquely ‘youthful’ revolution, having been largely masterminded by a relatively young, idealistic, courageous and ideologically grounded leadership” - former St. Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony looks back at the Grenada Revolution.