ROOTS OF ANARCHY: Uncivilized behavior now rules our society

Author:  Tony Robinson
Throughout history, man has achieved more than a modicum of civility, honor, integrity, moral values and laws and, in essence, became civilized.

CARTOON AugMark those words.

No longer were we living in caves eating raw meat and dressed in the pelts of the animals that we killed. We formed societies, built towns and cities with leaders, organizations, followers who adhered to rules and manners and social mores, combined with etiquette and social order.

We had laws and governance and were no longer behaving like the wild beasts that we hunted.

But to everything there is a season, and civilizations rose and fell just like the seasons that came and went. The glorious summer doesn’t last forever, for winter is coming. Civilizations fell.


There was a time when Egypt with its pharaohs was the civilization of the era. It was feared, admired and revered as it ruled supreme.

Then there was Rome, which was the central hub of the then modern world and was a model of civilization. There were the Incas of Peru, the Mayans of Mexico and, let’s not forget, Britain, that once ruled the world.

All had their glory days. But some have slipped from glory while others have vanished into obscurity with nothing to show but ancient ruins and decay. The Mayans and Incas simply ceased to exist. Britain no longer rules the world.


All this does not happen overnight. The people lose discipline, leaders become arrogant and believe they are appointed to rule forever. Anarchy takes root. Civilization crumbles.

These civilizations come in different forms, ranging from dictatorships, where one man rules supreme, kingdoms where the king’s rule is the law of the land, communism where it’s supposed to be equality for all the people, and democracy, where leaders are elected by the people, for the people, to serve the people. All are flawed.

They say that people get the partners they deserve and the government they deserve, so we should not be dismayed by who chooses whom to marry or to govern. In most cases it’s a question of choice. At least it’s so in a democracy.


We see the roots of anarchy taking hold in our so-called civilization. This is reflected on our roads, where it’s every man for himself and devil takes the hindmost. There are no rules and civilized drivers traverse the streets at their peril.

We see it in our schools, where children are a law unto themselves and adults cower in fear as no one dares put them in check. The inmates have taken over the asylum. All forms of discipline have been taken away, so the children are accountable to no one. Crimes have reached a level of depravity never seen before.

The measure of a civilization is how we treat our children and our old people. Uncivilized behavior rules. 


Some people think they are entitled and just do what they want and no one dare tell them otherwise, for, “Is hustle me a hustle boss, me haffie live somewhey and me haffi eat a food.”

There was a time when a youngster would give up his seat to a pregnant woman on a bus. Now he’ll ram jostle and push her out of his way to grab the seat. Either that, or he’ll sit in his seat while she suffers before him. The sad truth is, he knows no better or that he’s being uncivilized.

The same goes for the treatment of the disabled, as the young and hearty show no compassion or charity towards them. The authorities have taken away most of the methods of discipline for our children, as they take “the modern approach to discipline”. And then they wonder why the children behave the way that they do.

Many are so uncivilized and many are blinded, refusing to acknowledge it, or are in denial of their uncivilized behavior.