Beat the Odds, Live a Healthy, Disciplined Lifestyle

Author  Tony Robinson

It’s great if you can live long and still be healthy.

So many persons try to get fit and stay fit by whatever means possible.

CARTOON Aug. 2018Suddenly they’ve taken a new lease on life and are jogging, running, walking, exercising, eating right and doing all the correct things.

Back in the days of my parents and grandparents, there were no gyms around except for boxing gyms. People used to live long and healthy. They ate and drank everything and were ignorant of words and phrases such as cholesterol, excess sugar, caloric intake, body mass index and fitness level.

That’s because they were more active, walked more, and ate natural foods. Then suddenly one day, scientists dropped a bombshell that certain foods were bad for you, people weren’t as active as they used to be and most illnesses were caused by lifestyle. You had to change your lifestyle.


And so the era of the gym began. Everybody and their cousin started a workout regimen, signing up and paying big bucks to go and sweat. People who never sweated before now started to perspire profusely as they rode cycles that went nowhere, lifted dumbbells, pumped iron, did pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups as they pursued the elusive fitness for a better life.

Even their language and conversation took a different slant. Now it’s all talk about abs, glutes, triceps, biceps, caloric intake, fluid retention, six packs and workout routines.

“My dear, I go to the gym six days a week and cut down my sugar intake considerably. Feel my abs. Listen, I cut out eating and drinking that stuff. I only intake green juice and pumpkin shakes everyday.”

Getting fit requires discipline, as does eating right. One does not have to be a fitness fanatic or become obsessed with their food intake to be fit. With discipline you can train by yourself every day and become fit. But the key word is discipline. As long as you’re consistent with your training and don’t eat whenever you feel like, you’ll be okay.


If people were to walk more, use the stairs, eat more fruits, drink more water, exercise consistently, they too could become fit. A sedentary lifestyle and gorging on too much food, fast food or slow food, is a recipe for disaster.

When I talk to some people I cannot believe how much they eat in one day.

“Oh, not much, only breakfast of eggs, liver, boiled bananas, porridge, then a snack before lunch, then a small afternoon morsel, then home for dinner.”

All this as they boast about the gym that they attend. Their spreading waistline gives them away, as they’re only fit in their minds.

I have been fortunate to do martial arts for most of my life. The benefits are enormous. But it takes great discipline and dedication. Many persons cannot handle it. Forget the “kickers” movies, training is hard but rewarding. And to achieve any success, you have to put in the work.

Sometimes people come to my class, take one session and leave … never to return. Their excuse: “It’s too hard, too strenuous, too difficult.”

And yet they want to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Life has no guarantees, as fit people drop down too. The human body is a complex, wonderful, but sometimes unforgiving structure. But statistics continue to prove that a healthy lifestyle will put the odds more in your favor than an unhealthy one.