Trump’s America – On Our Way To America’s 250th


NEW YORK, NY:  Perfect timing as usual here in Trump’s America.

nixonplus1In celebration of July 4, 1776 and 2026!

Since we publish Friday’s this is our July 4th issue.

Likewise, perfect timing to CELEBRATE a BIG victory for the future of the Democratic Party with Tuesday’s MAJOR upset VICTORY of American Latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th Congressional District – DESTROYING Democratic Political Machine Big Wig and the 4th most important Democrat in Congress Joe Crowley.

BYE, BYE Joe; enjoy your retirement making the Big Bucks as an influence peddler in DC where you really live, not in NY’s 14th Congressional District.

President Obama can disappear if he wants time to move on from him and the past and create a NEW Democratic Party for 2026 and beyond.

In fact, beginning right now as happened on Tuesday!

Don’t want to make too much of one upset but even worse to make too little of it. It was HUGE. It was a political EARTHQUAKE!

WHERE ARE WE HEADED? Back to the past with Donald Trump and the Republicans OR to a NEW future with a revitalized reborn Democratic Party. It is OUR choice to make! So, let’s make it.

Do Democrats leave the MACHINE headed by the likes of Schumer. Pelosi, Cuomo and de Blasio behind and build a far BETTER party!

We got rid of one of their kind a prominent one Tuesday Joe Crowley. It must be more than a one off it must be the Beginning of CHANGE.

See the photo above featured in this week’s episode.

It pictures both soon to be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in all of American history 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her most important supporter in her recent primary victory Cynthia Nixon.

Cynthia Nixon is taking on another monster of the dying Democratic political MACHINE New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been selling off New York State to the highest “bidders” who are his richest campaign contributors for the last 8 years while running New York State into the ground most of all the New York City mass transit system that Cuomo doesn’t ride.

Andrew Cuomo is not satisfied with two terms as NYS Governor he wants more, more, more that is what career politicians who have been collecting big government pay checks and luxurious benefits all their lives do keep running.

Cynthia Nixon is running in the Democratic Primary for Governor against Cuomo in September. It will be even more difficult for her to defeat Cuomo than for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to beat Big Wig Dem Joe Crowley.

Why? For the obvious reason Cuomo has so much campaign cash after selling the state to his many Fat Cat supporters for the last 8 years but …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proved it is NOT impossible. Joe Crowley out spent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez TEN TO ONE… his $3,000,000 to her $300,000 and she DESTROYED him winning by 20%.

The dynamic is the same a talented energetic outsider with passion up against a tired old Democratic machine politician offering nothing but the past, more of the same which ultimately gave us Donald Trump in The White House.

Cynthia Nixon you can do it who cares what the polls say the polls had Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez down by 36% against Crowley and she won by 20%. Send Andrew Cuomo into retirement with Joe Crowley. Then they can form a consulting company together Cuomo & Crowley Unlimited and their motto can be ” we have lots of influence to SELL you for a price.”

Enough local NY Democratic Party politics lets go NATIONAL and let’s get imaginative and creative think big and let’s all of us together create a NEW Democratic Party that is much more than just the anti-Trump party.

That is all the Old Tired Democratic Machine Party of Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, de Blasio, Crowley, etc. is the anti-Trump Democratic Party ….

IT’S NOT ENOUGH that is the so called Democratic Party that accomplished the IMPOSSIBLE electing our so-called President Donald Trump.

We need much, much more to get rid of Trump in 2020 and have a PRIOGRESSIVE Democratic President elected in 2020 and a PROGRESSIVE Democratic Congress LEADING America into the future.

As everyone knows only too well Trump’s campaign motto was and now his motto as President is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN which is another way of saying taking America BACK to the past which is a DEAD end in our CHANGING world ever more quickly headed into a NEW future.

President Donald Trump lives in the past his idea of the “future” is channeling Ronald Regan back to life back to a place none of us want to go back to.

What Democrats must do is deliver a useful message about making AMERICA GREATER than it has ever been a NEW America for the future not the nightmare a TV huckster is trying to deliver appealing to FEAR and a bygone era that never existed that Trump fantasizes for his supporters. A fictional time when the world did whatever the American President told them to do and were eternally thankful and a world in which Americans all knew their place and the SUPERIOR role of the super-rich and ultra-powerful.

Donald ARCHIE BUNKER Trump “those were the days” ….


Boy the way Glen Miller played,
Songs that made the hit parade,
Guys like us we had it made,


And you know where you were then,
Girls were girls and men were men,
Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again,
Didn’t need no welfare states
Everybody pulled his weight,
Gee our old La Salle ran great,


Thank every God that ever existed they are gone, gone, gone EXCEPT …

If we allow Donald Trump to bring back those “BAD old days,” and he will if he keeps Congress Republican and wins a second Presidential term and has an almost ALL REPUBLICAN Supreme Court by 2024.

Which brings me to 2026 in this week’s episode’s headline …. 2026 is America’s 250th anniversary in just 8 years from this July 4th 2018.

Democrats need a brilliant imaginative dynamic inclusive inter-connected FUTURE oriented VISION for America 2026 to DEFEAT the Republicans.

More to follow in coming episodes but for right now HAPPY JULY 4TH.