Surviving The Chase Getting the Right Girl

Author  Tony Robinson

Historically, most women didn’t like to appear to be too easy or too easily won so they played hard to get, just to let the men chase after them.

CARTOON-FEBNow I’m not too sure if women still feel that way, as so many nowadays are so eager to land a man that no chasing is necessary. That “come hither” or “come and get it” look is almost standard among some women in these modern times.
Of course, that applies to a “certain type” of woman, the ones who are easy, no challenge, dime a dozen. Just flash your car keys or buy them a box lunch and it’s bed time.

When it comes to the “right girl” though, that’s when a man has to utilize various skills to attract and hold them. Those women are not desperate and will not give in to the first man who calls to them.

The Search

But how does a man get the right girl? What can he do and what should he say if he wants a classy lady in his life?
We live in an age where women are always harping that it’s so difficult to find a good man, but strangely, not much is said about the fact that men also are in the market to seek a good partner, not just a good time girl, a one night stand, a quickie, but a lady of quality. Well, some men want tramps too, but whatever type of woman a man seeks, he has to have some method of attracting her.

The truth is, picking up women is the mandate of men, but there is an art to attracting them and, sadly, not many men have mastered it. Some are born with it, others acquire it, while most have to learn it. And don’t believe for one minute that it has anything to do with looks either, for many so called good looking men still can’t get classy women, while there are men who you’d deem homely, unattractive, even ugly, who always seem to get the good ladies.


Some young men have the gift of gab, and can talk almost any woman out of her clothes. But those are few and far between.

Secretly, they are adored by women. But the average guy has to learn the art, the skills, to attract a quality woman. It’s somewhat like fishing, where you throw out the baited line and feel for a nibble. When she bites you reel her in gently, just pulling a bit, then easing off when there is resistance.

The bait can be flowers, which women still love, based on the numerous flower shops around. Not too many, mind you, but just enough to get her attention, especially when there is no special  occasion like Valentine’s Day. Then there is the written word and, even though we live in an era where letters and poems aren’t so much in vogue anymore, a well written note or a deep poem will usually get the right girl’s attention.
Remember, I said “right girl”, for those efforts are wasted on tarts.

The trick, though, is not to lay it on too thick or come on too strong. You can’t just meet her and start to shower her with jewellery, flowers and gifts. Usually this can’t be maintained anyway and fades after a while.

Now with Facebook, Twitter and e-mails, a man can correspond with the lady he desires and show his heart to her. The old time face-to-face approach still always works, but there are do’s and don’ts. When you’re with the woman, make sure that it’s not all about you, but about her. Too many men fall into the pool of narcissism and end up having to love themselves when night falls. No woman wants to hear that. And yet, so many men keep on doing this.


Be confident, but not boastful. Ask about her, what she likes, her interests, her plans. Let her talk. Also, don’t talk about your past love interests, good or bad. Many men feel that by putting down their past girlfriends, it scores points with the new woman. It doesn’t, and only shows him up for the creep that he really is. Plus, never ever kiss and tell, boasting of past conquests.

Women look for different things in men and usually the right girl can know if she’s attracted to a man from the first encounter. Flashing money does not work on quality women, although it may attract the shallow ones. That is a false attraction that usually has no long term positive results.

Getting the right girl is an art, a skill, a gift, which sadly seems to be in decline. The reason is, a lot of men don’t think that they have to work at it anymore, as the females seem to be rushing the men nowadays. The good women don’t do that though, and that’s why they’re often left on the shelf. The irony is, there are men who still can’t get the right girl. Why?