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On behalf of the African American Voting Rights Martyrs (on display at the Voting Rights Museum in Selma, Alabama), thank you South Florida for literally standing up to 2012 voter suppression.

Thank you for:

BlakeJamaican sprint star Yohan Blake recently brought his foundation YB Afraid to South Florida to partner with Food For the Poor at its 5K hunger walk to help the less fortunate, especially those affected by Hurricane Sandy in Jamaica. Caribbean Today freelance writer Jason Walker caught up with the reigning world 100 meters champion and Olympic 100 and 200 meters silver medalist at the event.

Jason Walker: Were you impacted by Hurricane Sandy?
Yohan Blake: I just saw my window blow off, but I was good during the storm. Other persons were impacted though, so Food For The Poor and I partnered with WATA WISYNCO to do some work in Portland (Jamaica) and also to come over here and do this walk.

touristsLONDON, England - One of the most sensitive subjects for the travel industry is the issue of security. Whether it relates to visitors’ personal safety or to the safekeeping of personal information, it is a matter that most in the industry want to say as little about as possible.

Despite this, because of the industry’s economic centrality to Caribbean prosperity, it is a subject on which an appropriate, if private, regional forum needs to be created.

Even in Caribbean countries that have growing national crime rates, the likelihood of a visitor being attacked or in some way having a crime committed against them is minimal when compared to the large numbers of visitors the islands receive. This is particularly so in nations where high national levels of crime have, in part, contributed to the rise of all-inclusive hotels and visitor facilities and beaches not locally accessible.

CARTOON-Nov. 2012Expectations are instilled in us early. In affairs of the heart, our expectations are always great and that can lead to huge and bitter disappointment.

I’m not picking on the ladies, but let’s start with them. It is a sad fact that many women are living lives of loneliness, devoid of male companionship, all because they expect much and end up never completing the jump because they set the bar too high.