"President Lyndon B. Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr. work on voting rights must not end here"

The Florida Civil Rights Association (FCRA) says the US Supreme Court devastating ruling to strike down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act condones hate era and opens the door for discrimination against minority groups. The Supreme Court’s evisceration of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is conservative judicial activism at its most damaging to African Americans and other minority groups said, J. Willie David, III, the organization’s president.

This decision, arguably, is more damaging to our democracy than the Citizens United decision which legitimized the buying of political power by the wealthy. Literacy tests, poll taxes, and even religious tests were used in various places, and most white women, people of color, and Native Americans still could not vote, David added. When will our right to equality be recognized? President Obama and Congress must pass a new Voting Rights Act to restore democracy, stated David.

Memorial-Day1Atlanta Carnival celebrations have come and gone, and the Caribbean Atlanta community is in the throes of celebrating Caribbean American Heritage Month. Yet, many weeks later, the post-mortem continues on Atlanta Carnival 2013 and new clues continue to reveal why one of the Caribbean’s most treasured and respected cultural art forms is seemingly dying a slow death here in Atlanta.

The bloody corpse of a mediocre 25th anniversary Carnival is riddled with wounds of disorganization, questionable leadership and at times downright dishonesty. Accusations are being thrown left, right and center and fingers are being pointed in all directions, but there is an echo of silence when it comes to viable solutions and next steps.

Untitled-1Despite the Supreme Court's blow to the federal Defense of Marriage Act and punting of California’s Proposition 8 back to lower court, many children in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LTBT) families will continue to be shortchanged by current Social Security restrictions.

The program’s rules are unfavorable to them, but not to minors in families with heterosexual parents, stepparents and even grandparents. Experts say that only action by Congress—unlikely in the current political atmosphere—or possibly by the Social Security Administration could remedy the inequity.

Untitled-1The speculation has been non-stop over whether an all-female jury is a good or bad thing for accused Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. There is no consensus on this. But the view of women jurors in major case trials is rife with myths, stereotypes, and preconceptions.

Researchers have found that in the decades before and even after the Supreme Court ruling in 1979 that knocked out biased exclusions of jurors based on gender, there’s still the deeply embedded notion that women jurors are different than men in that they are more easily swayed by emotions, more likely to empathize with defendants and less predictable in how they will decide a case, even one that on the surface appears to be a lock for the prosecution.