There is good in every man and bad in every man too - at least that's what they say. But what is goodness, what makes one man appear to be good in one person's eyes, yet bad in another person's view? There are no really bad boys, just misunderstood souls, say some teachers. And there are other people who also say, that if you examine the minds of truly bad men, you would find someone who's merely troubled and misunderstood. Tell that to the families of the victims. Whichever way you want to analyze it, the actions of a truly bad man can be devastating. People do seem to prefer good men to bad men.
Clarence Page Two years after a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands, more than a half-million Haitians are still sleeping under tarps, often in camps without enough water or toilets. As another hurricane season approaches, many people are asking, what happened to the generous donations that Americans gave? Congress should make it easier to find out. No one is charging corruption, at least not at the top of the aid organizations. But as aid agencies pumped out press releases touting their successes during the second anniversary of the quake, the charities also confronted a rising tide of skepticism about why so many earthquake victims remain un-housed. For example, two-thirds of the displaced have left the camps, according to the American Red Cross, which says it has relocated more than 100,000 people into transitional housing. It also says it has spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars in the past year.
United States President Barack Obama is definitely “fired up and ready to go as his State of the Union address showed on Jan. 24. As was expected, the president made an all-out attempt to rein in those disappointed and wavering immigrant votes by dedicating a part of his wide-ranging address to immigration reform. After months of silence amidst rising deportation levels, Obama, speaking undoubtedly to Latino and immigrant voters, insisted: “We should be working on comprehensive immigration reform right now. Jobs/economy, immigration, and education were the top three issues Latinos told the National Council of La Raza they wanted the president to address in his speech. And he did!
Only the very brave will try to get between a professional woman and her power suit. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was accused of just that this weekend when David Gregory of NBC and George  Stephanopolous of ABC pressed him about an observation in his book, "It Takes a Family," that "radical feminists" undermine families by telling women that they can find fulfillment only in the workplace. Of course, Santorum was right. Modern feminists tried to write a script that all women were meant to follow to achieve success and utter self-satisfaction. It was careers optimum, husbands optional, conception avoided and the unplanned products thereof aborted. How 20th century of them. That script was rejected a long, long time ago.
Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston will, in my mind, always be linked for all eternity. They shared a life that was as intriguing as it was volatile. Beyond sharing an appetite for deviant behavior, as well as an amazing ability to perform, Bobby and Whitney also experienced the penalties that come with not understanding the business side of your industry. Back in the 1980s, when New Edition was the hottest group in America, Brown learned first-hand what it might feel like to be sexually assaulted by an elephant.  After going on a world tour with sold-out venues and having several No. 1 hits on their first album, the group arrived back home to their housing project to receive a “whopping royalty check of $1.87.  Apparently, their families were so excited about getting their big break that they forgot to actually read the fine print on the contract.