That black voters will again give President Obama a sky-high percentage of their vote in 2012 was never in doubt. What is in doubt is how many will make up that percentage. It is the number, not percentage of black voters that turn out that will again ease the President's path back to the White House or, make that path rocky. The 2008 election decisively proved that the presidential re-election bid is a pure numbers game. If black voters had not turned the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries into a virtual holy crusade for Obama, and if Obama had not, openly in the South Carolina primary and subtly in primaries thereafter, stoked the black vote, he could easily have been just another failed Democratic presidential candidate.
Ever wondered why Western coverage of the entire continent of Africa is usually a steady stream of bad news - poverty, wars, famine, 'starving Africans', AIDS, corruption, Western 'aid', bureaucracy, mob justice, tribalism - leavened occasionally by a bit about wonderful nature (love the safaris!) or football, or how warm the people are and how they keep smiling in spite of the poverty? Or even if this bad news might actually be reassuringly good news to some people, and who these people might be? Well, here's a paragraph from an article we just came across that got us digging for more:
While some lawmakers in conservative states, blinded by ignorance and racism around the United States, continue their move to banish undocumented immigrants from their borders, a new study is insisting that attention should be paid  “to immigrants future achievement because we will greatly depend on their human resources in coming decades. The study, titled “Assimilation Tomorrow, from The Center for American Progress's Dowell Myers and John Pitkin, insists that whatever is done now regarding immigrants and new immigration policies, “will have a great impact on our progress going forward. Myers and Pitkin say the coming retirement of the large generation of baby boomers is expected to create urgent labor needs among private and public employers, even as losing immigrants could mean a significant shortfall in the Social Security program.
The New York Times seems to think so. “Yoga is for people in good physical condition. Or it can be used therapeutically. It's controversial to say, but it really shouldn't be used for a general class, says yoga guru Glenn Black in a five-page magazine story How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body by its science writer William Broad. It has unleashed such a storm of protests, the site had to stop accepting comments on the story. The main critique is that the story states the obvious. Headstands are not for everyone.
Prime Minister, the Most. Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, has expressed deep sadness at the passing of Ambassador the Hon. Dudley Joseph Thompson, OJ, QC. Ambassador Thompson died this morning (Jan.20) one day after his 95th birthday. "I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the Hon. Dudley Thompson, an outstanding Jamaican politician, diplomat and statesman, and a personal and dear friend for more than four decades. His passing is exceptionally painful for me, as it was only recently after my electoral victory, that he called with a most heart-warming congratulation," the Prime Minister said.