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immigration billPonte Al Día, Op-ed, Ponte Al Día Editorial Staff, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

If there are any winners in the immigration reforms set out by the bipartisan Senate “Gang of 8” in the 844-page bill they released Tuesday night, it would have to be big business — which will see a significant increase in visas allotted to high-skilled workers and a new system of temporary visas for agricultural workers and low-skill laborers — and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — which not only is entrusted with all aspects of border security but gets a hefty chunk of the bill’s $17 billion price tag to do it.


Ah youth, that flower that we hope never fades, that excitement, that joy, that fearlessness, that devil-may-care attitude towards life, that fleeting flame that flickers but for a moment and then fades.

But until then, youth is to be enjoyed, and as George Bernard Shaw said, “The joys of youth are wasted on the young.”

womanDear Mr. President,

Most of the talk in recent weeks has been about immigration reform that grants earned legalization and fixes the visa and back log system. Not much has focused on what the Immigration Policy Center and the Legal Action Center of the American Immigration Council last month called the “falling short of the American ideals of justice” when it comes to immigrants, including those legal ones, in detention.

As the ICP pointed out, the immigration removal system – from arrest, to hearing, to deportation and beyond – does not reflect the American values of due process and fundamental fairness. It is why any bill calling for comprehensive immigration reform cannot simply be written in isolation of the voices of the people who are in the system and matter.

CARTOON-MARYou would think that most women would really clamor for a good man’s love, rush to be with a really nice guy, race to snag a gentleman. But alas, that is often so far from the truth.

Statistics have shown that many women don’t really want nice guys, that knight in shining armor, and, as the song says: “Nice guys only win in the movies”. Plus the French, who are reputed to know all about romance also say: “Women marry gentlemen and fool around with rogues.”