Untitled-1Despite the Supreme Court's blow to the federal Defense of Marriage Act and punting of California’s Proposition 8 back to lower court, many children in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LTBT) families will continue to be shortchanged by current Social Security restrictions.

The program’s rules are unfavorable to them, but not to minors in families with heterosexual parents, stepparents and even grandparents. Experts say that only action by Congress—unlikely in the current political atmosphere—or possibly by the Social Security Administration could remedy the inequity.

Untitled-1The speculation has been non-stop over whether an all-female jury is a good or bad thing for accused Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. There is no consensus on this. But the view of women jurors in major case trials is rife with myths, stereotypes, and preconceptions.

Researchers have found that in the decades before and even after the Supreme Court ruling in 1979 that knocked out biased exclusions of jurors based on gender, there’s still the deeply embedded notion that women jurors are different than men in that they are more easily swayed by emotions, more likely to empathize with defendants and less predictable in how they will decide a case, even one that on the surface appears to be a lock for the prosecution.

A few years ago, Harvard University startled the academic world - and many of the rest of us - by offering what many would call a form of class-based affirmative action. Essentially, the elite university offered a free college education to high-achieving students whose families earned less than $40,000 a year.

Other elite schools, including Yale, Princeton and Stanford, have made similar offers in various ways, and Harvard, among others, has since raised the bar to family income of $60,000 a year. How has it worked out? Unfortunately, not as well as many had hoped.

CARTOON-JUNE-2013The stupid man will not only put his body at risk for a girl that loves him, but will also risk his finances, family and reputation. The irony is that many times the girl does not really love him, but will take all that she can from him, milking him, eating him out.

The term “no fool like an old fool” is usually ascribed to older men, as somehow they seem to take leave of their senses when faced with the prospect of pleasure with a young woman. But it’s not just old men who are deemed fools. A recent report making the airwaves, titled “Are Men Stupid?”, has opened a whole new can of worms.