Cannabis, called ganja in Jamaica and marijuana in the United States, is a naturally occurring hemp plant. From the 1970s, Rastafari reggae ambassador Peter Tosh was literally a walking advertisement for the legalization of the hemp.

Tosh’s hit song “Legalize It” became the anthem of the pro-marijuana movement on every continent except Antarctica. But even the reggae “Bush Doctor” would be disappointed and disturbed at the direction and ramifications of current marijuana legalization legislation in Jamaica and the U.S.

CARTOON-MarHe was tall, handsome, debonair, erudite, witty, charming, athletic and, most of all, built like a horse where it counts. He could be anything, but he chose a certain path, that of a man for hire.

A man for hire - or gigolo - is employed to be a woman’s escort or dancing partner; a man who is financially supported by a woman not his wife. That’s the official version, but you and I know that there’s more to being a man for hire than meets the eye, as his main function is not only to escort lonely women, but to offer sexual favors as well.

Failure to Convict Michael Dunn of First Degree Murder a Travesty That Must be Rectified in Second Trial    

Today a jury found Michael Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted murder and one count of firing a deadly weapon in a November 2012 shooting which left 17-year-old Jordan Davis dead. The judge declared a mistrial on the charge of first degree murder and a retrial may be scheduled for later this year. Advancement Project Co-Director Judith Browne Dianis issued the following statement in response:

“There is no right more fundamental than the right to live. As the prosecution proved, Michael Dunn needlessly fired one shot after another into an SUV filled with unarmed teenagers whose only crime was having the audacity to challenge a stranger’s demand to turn down their music.

Scholar and art critic Michael Francis Gibson has published over fifteen books, including essays on culture and the power of images. A fierce defender of racial equality and an arbiter for compassion in social and political relations, he is currently putting the finishing touches on a film script that will be of tremendous interest to friends of the African American community in the U.S. as well as the world at large.