By JOE NOCERAOp-Ed ColumnistThe New York Times A man named Gerald Chertavian came by my office not long ago, and, by the time he left, I was filled with renewed appreciation for the potential of community colleges to help stem the decline of the middle class. There are few more urgent tasks. Chertavian is not the president of a community college or even a teacher at one. Rather, he runs a program, Year Up, which he founded, that makes it possible for poor high school graduates to land good jobs. It does so, in part, by imparting important soft skills that the upper-middle-class take for granted, like how to interact with colleagues in an office setting.
The current New Zealand tour of the West Indies provides an opportunity to remind ourselves of Lawrence Rowe’s immortal Test debut: double century (214) and 100 not out at Sabina Park. However the last time we heard anything about Lawrence Rowe it surrounded a controversial, if not a sad ‘out’. An honor extended by the Jamaica Cricket Board to name a pavilion at Sabina Park after him, was accepted, and bestowed, and then summarily withdrawn. In cricket parlance, Rowe who was at the non- striker’s end was called for a sharp single. He responded by backing up too far, only to be cruelly sent back, leaving him sprawled with soiled whites.
For a long time civic and religious leaders have been saying the right thing about protecting our children from sexual abuse. But with the recent NCA ruling that fines Penn State $60 million in wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal, someone finally is doing the right thing – not in secret, not behind closed doors, but in a big, bold manner that speaks volumes.
TONY ROBINSONI have been accused of chauvinism. But who really is a chauvinist anyway? The dictionary defines chauvinism as n. ‘the sentiments of a Chauvin; absurdly exaggerated patriotism, military zeal or enthusiasm for a cause. The word was of course taken from the French general Chauvin, an enthusiastic adherent of Napoleon and describes anyone possessed by an absurdly exaggerated enthusiasm for a cause, bellicose patriotism or military zeal.
Extreme transparency and listening to Mel Gibson hurts us as much if not more than it hurts him according to one behavior expert and therapist who says we need to separate the art from the artist and realize many artists and entertainers are dysfunctional and not necessarily morally good people.