building7News Americas, London, England, Weds. May 21, 2014: A question that always seems to arise in the interviews that invariably follow every hint at an improvement in US-Cuba relations is what might this mean for Caribbean tourism?

This, and variations on the same theme, all start from the premise that one day soon the US administration will allow all its citizens to travel freely to Cuba, and that the effect will be for visitors  to abandon the rest of the region, with disastrous economic consequences for the Caribbean  hospitality sector.

opopopI am not against online activism. In fact, I believe in it and have been moved by its power. From typhoon relief fundraisers to voter-recruitment efforts, I have participated in these Internet-based campaigns and have seen the power that lies in we Americans when we are aligned to create change from behind our computers. It felt good to lend a hand and to know that my contributions made a difference in various campaigns.

But I think hashtag activism should be used judiciously, especially when it comes to issues affecting the black community, at home and abroad. In some situations, it risks offering users of social media a false sense of accomplishment while obscuring underlying policy and structural issues as well as the full picture of what is taking place on the ground.

deport-kidDear Mr. President,

I just visited Valencia, Spain and was stunned at two things. First off, being “Americano” or a holder of a non-European Union passport placed me in an entirely different immigration category upon arrival. Secondly, no one bothered to cater to the fact that neither I nor my colleague spoke Spanish well.

And so we spent most of the time piecing together and trying hard to remember the “poquito” Espanol we had learnt in school many years before or running around asking: “Habla ingles?”

CARTOON-May-2014More and more, some people seem to be avoiding sex and are proud of doing so too. Sexuality is powerful. It comes in different dimensions, practices, sizes and shapes. There is bisexual, transsexual, homosexual, heterosexual.

But there is also the person who does without - the asexual. It’s the person who has no interest in sex at all and it’s not that they have anything against sex. They simply do not care for it.