CARTOON-June-2014Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned, rejected. But men who are spurned have great fury too.

Remember the movie “Fatal Attraction”, where the spurned lover went on a rampage and set out to destroy the man’s life? “You think that you can just use me then discard me like an orange?” That movie made many men think twice about having a mistress and then dumping her. She sure gave him hell.

AngelouMaya---1Many knew her as the poet extraordinaire who gave the world the classic “Phenomenal Woman”. But few knew the roots that had nurtured that voice stretched to the Caribbean twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. On May 28 that voice was lost to the world forever, as author and poet Maya Angelou died at age 86.

Angelou had been suffering from heart problems in recent years. She passed away at her North Carolina home in Winston-Salem, Angelou’s family said in a statement.

The following is one in a series of ‘letters’ written to United States President Barack Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

You should send a congratulatory note to U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chamber President Tom Donohue. In fact, so should all Democrats.

Donohue is right on the money. His advice to the Republican Party last month is something they should pay attention to.

blackpeoplePresident Barack Obama might be the only black person on the planet who cares about climate change. Well, not really, but close—the ill-fated climate-change debate is as white as late-night talk shows. It’s that way for a number of reasons: from who funds either side of the heated climate conversation to allegations that environmentalists routinely dis black perspectives on the topic.

Most egregious is a pervasive lack of urgent black political action on the subject. On Monday the administration of the first black president, who is also the first president to seriously tackle climate change, announced ambitious Environmental Protection Agency rules that cut carbon emissions by 30 percent through 2030. That’s huge.