Getting divorced can be devastating to so many people who, may not only grieve, but also get angry as they take sides and play the blame game. Then there are the friends who may also cast blame on the husband or wife, depending on whose story they believed.

Op-Ed by the Vice President on the Administration’s Efforts to Assist Countries in Central America. 

Earlier this month, I spent two days in Guatemala meeting with Central American leaders about our mutual efforts to tackle one of the most significant and urgent challenges facing the Western Hemisphere: bringing stability to this impoverished and violent region.

Social media is fast becoming my main source of information, a fact that speaks volumes in itself. This morning I checked my Twitter feed and found myself filled with horror and sadness. Three young Muslims were killed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by a 46-year old madman. What was their crime?

On Jan. 22, United States and Cuban officials met in Havana to discuss the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson Jacobson led the American delegation.