If we’re going to discuss the root causes of the current Honduran refugee crisis, let’s get a few things straight. First, the U.S. government has and continues to fund, orchestrate and support coups across Latin America.

Most Americans who know anything about Latin American history will readily highlight Guatemala in 1954, Chile in 1972 and Nicaragua in the 1980s as prime examples of the United States’ antidemocratic tendencies in the region. A few might even mention Panama in 1903 and 1989, Honduras in 1911, Haiti and the Dominican Republic under Wilson, Nicaragua in 1934, El Salvador in ’44, Cuba in ’61, Brazil in ’64, the D.R. again in ’65, Uruguay in ’73 and Venezuela in 2002.

Tampa Bay Times Editorial on All Aboard Florida, State Money and Governor Rick Scott

Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times published an editorial that was full of inaccuracies and misinformation.

All Aboard Florida has become a political football passed between political parties to campaigns to wealthy residents in gated communities. It has reached the point where we think it necessary to set the record straight.

Lefties Food Stall, a pint-sized eatery serving Barbados’ signature flying-fish sandwiches, recently became the first snack shack on the Caribbean island to be fitted with a solar panel.

The nearby public shower facility sports a panel as well. So does the bus shelter across the street, the local police station, and scores of gaily coloured houses on the coastal road leading into the capital, Bridgetown.

With all the hype around this weekend's knock-out rounds of the World Cup, did you know that what we refer to worldwide as the World Cup is actually the Men’s World Cup and that the Women’s World Cup is next year in Canada?

As a soccer fan, player and woman, I myself didn’t realize this until I started thinking about my favorite players and how often I get to watch them on the world stage. If I, a female soccer fan, hadn't realized that a Women’s World Cup actually existed, chances are most other soccer fans haven’t either.