Robin Williams once joked that death is “nature’s way to let you know that your table is ready.” It’s not funny now that the comedian overrode nature by grabbing the table without waiting for the maître d’. But if his suicide has any silver lining, it’s that depression and mental illness are now being talked about more openly.

In far-flung India, China and Vietnam, where mental illness, especially depression, is a taboo subject, it is now on the front pages of newspapers and TV programs reporting on Williams’ suicide.

Some two weeks after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook publicly committed to increasing the diversity of the iconic company’s work force, Apple has released its new television commercial that’s anything but diverse.

It may be Apple’s most popular commercial yet. It certainly seems to have been aired on every broadcast channel again and again. It is all about a touching view of the lives of young professionals whether in the U.S. or anywhere.It is titled “Living The Life of Dreams,” which is the song played to the video images of youthful women and men and their children and how they “struggle” to live a life of dreams amid lives little challenges for the well off. It is meant to portray the kind of life most of us would like to live, and can if we just buy iPhones and Apple apps.

Another Outlaw Judge Violates the Constitution, Denies Floridians Fundamental Voter Rights! History will judge them harshly!

In yet another incident of judicial corruption and lawlessness in South Florida over the last 18 days, today, Broward County Circuit Judge Dale Cohen overthrew Florida’s voter-approved Constitution and denied Floridians their fundamental voter rights.

Judge Cohen’s corrupt and illegal decision attacking Florida’s respect for the institution of Marriage as the union of one man, one woman, is a clear violation of constitutional separation of powers and a judicial lynching of the nearly 8 million voters who cast their ballots in 2008 and fully expected to have their votes respected.

Last week The Root's Keli Goff wrote about the child refugees fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and seeking refuge at our border. Unfortunately, she argued that we shouldn't protect these brown children and supports deporting them—while claiming that we have our own black children to care about first, citing recent violence in the streets of Chicago.

Well, we are those black and brown children she's talking about. One of us—Phillip—grew up in the same Chicago that Goff says she wants to protect, while the other—Isabel—is a young immigrant who came to this country as an undocumented child fleeing violence in Colombia.